Sunday, December 6, 2009

Getting Inspired

These paintings are part of a series which my housemate was working on. She gave me the instructions and the idea was entirely hers, I really enjoyed doing some experimental work and work that was completely separate to my degree. This allowed me to not think too much about it and just do something creative.

Find A Face Final

Designing a poster for Sugarloaf Apparel. Find A Face final party held in December in Newquay.

BA Hons. Year 2.

Visual Systems: The first stage, designing a poster on Slumdog Millionaire.

The final poster.

Second stage: Designing and building a website that demonstrates a visual system.

The feature on the index page; as the user rolls over the grape name varieties, the areas where it is found in France becomes highlighted.

Each grape name has its own page where a palette of colours shows the taste of that grape. If the user rolls over the colour then its flavour appears beneath it.

Third stage: Producing a style sheet (booklet) for the website.