Thursday, September 16, 2010

Traveling Photography

This summer I went to Mexico for two weeks traveling up the Pacific coast. My biggest mistake was not taking my canon 400d with me, however I did have my 'Pentax 12 megapixels point & shoot' and my newly brought 'mini diana' cameras with me. I found Mexico was a photographers paradise as there was so many colours and extraordinary sights. Although I do Graphic Design as a degree I still have a passion for photography and enjoy experimenting with different styles.

Here are my favourite shots:

primary umbrellas




three chairs

And my favourite Diana prints:

Layers of Mexico



I found the graphic design in Mexico to be pretty poor, ie their adverts/billboards/typography in menus etc. On a beach in a tiny fishing village these signs got my attention as I found them to be the first example of good design in Mexico:

There is a huge amount of graffiti in Mexico; pretty much any house in any town or village will have some kind of graffiti on it. Most of it is not tasteful at all, but in the old town of Mazatlan I came across an abandoned house with this graffiti: