Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flowers and numbers

My current development with the ISTD brief... below are my images from the flowers I flower pressed.

After inspiration from looking into Fibonacci and the Mandelbrot set I decided to magnify one of my photographs of a flower. In photoshop the maximum zoom is 3200% and this is what that looks like:

I decided to write down the RGB of each and every pixel from the selected area shown above. I did this to relate to the idea of numbers and sequences I've research about. I then made the colour of each written RGB numbers correspond to the actual colour.

This progressed to this image below (which shows what the image would look like if I was to repeat this process over and over):

This is another idea, inspired from an image in a typographic book:

We will march 10/11/10

I attended the student demonstration in London on the 10/11/10 with my Canon 400D, 18-200mm Tamron lense. Although I joined in with the march and we had one of the biggest banners there, I was still able to get some decent shots. I really enjoyed being a 'photo-journalist' for the day and capturing the atmosphere of the march and the individual people.

This is something.

This is Nautical Nonsense.
This is something is a brand and event held in Bournemouth. Last year I went to one of their exhibitions and decided that this year I would take on their brief as an extra bit of work along side my current ISTD and dissertation briefs. It has helped my creativeness hugely as it has been a project I have been doing for myself and for fun. I have entered my final piece (see below) for the 'This is something' competition and I am still waiting to hear back...with any luck my piece will get chosen to be exhibited in 60 Million Postcards on the 23rd November!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cardiff poster competition

This coming thursday, all of third year graphics are going to Cardiff for a poster competition. The posters we have produced are in preparation for our dissertation. My essay this year is following on from last years as I really enjoyed the topic. My essay title is "How does Orange advertising communicate the brand?" This poster explains what my essay will be investigating and how.