Friday, October 22, 2010

ISTD brief

First brief of third year: We were asked to choose either an RSA or ISTD brief. I decided to explore the ISTD 'Not Just Fleurons' one. Below are two posters designed to show my current research and how I have taken elements from the brief that interested me and broadened my knowledge around the topic.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Third and final year

First week back at university, ready for last year of degree. Slightly overwhelming. Even though its october, today it was clear skies and warm, taking advantage of this, housemates and myself biked down to the beach with sketch books in hand. Below is pretty much all we could manage after an ice cream and quick nap in the sunshine. Its nice to do fun, creative things which do not relate to the degree!

Picture Consequence:

attempt one

attempt two

Thanks Sarah Plowman and Emily Wilson. A fun afternoon!

Weekend trip to London:
Diana photographs from the protest outside Coryton oil refinery on the 16/10/10. Housemates and myself attended what we thought was just a march in central london called Crude Awakening, however we ended up at the largest oil refinery in the Uk in essex. It was probably the most exciting and inspirational thing I have ever done. The atmosphere was incredible.