Saturday, March 27, 2010

Essay work for year 2.

I am doing my 2500 written piece this term on the mobile phone company Orange. Specific areas I am looking into is Orange's brand and their advertisements, the way in which they communicate their brand through advertising.

My favourite ad campaign that I have seen so far is the website designed by Fallon in 2007. The campaign is called 'Good things should never end'. It is a prime example of how Orange communicates its brand more than their products and tariffs. Here is the link to this website (it can take a while to load, but believe me it is worth it!!)

After handing in our first draft of the essay, we were to produce a poster that contained all important information about our essay. This is in preparation for next year when it will be marked, the posters were pinned up and we presented them to the class.

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