Thursday, June 16, 2011

EMP final work

This project concentrates on Alzheimer’s Disease and its progressive, degenerative way of destroying the human memory and body. Using tree rings with a hole in the middle as a way of illustrating the disease in an abstract way. The work communicates the seven different stages of the disease through a series of seven posters.

This shows the hand made folder and one of the A3 posters for the collection.

Captions of text describe a stage of the disease in relevance to an individual person.

Each illustration has been hand drawn, each different and each showing the hole getting bigger.

Using silk screen-printing for text on the folder, it relates the collection to Alzheimer’s disease.

These scattered markings represent the decay of the body and mind, each stage getting worse.

This work can also be seen on my personal website, or on Disperse, AUCB's Graphic Design third years website. Take a look :)

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