Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Further work for EMP

These three photographs above I took with my macro lens, the idea stemmed from the tree rings, and the concept was that the typography on the paper was the memories (in this case I wrote out numbers in a sequential order to represent the memories of birthdays) and by curly the paper up when looked at from a birds eye view it resembled quite like the rings from tree rings.

These four illustrations above are demonstrating a humans life span in a way similar to tree rings. The average age that a female in the UK will live to is 82 years. So in this illstrations I have produced 82 rings of different strokes and distances to represent the memories in an individuals life.

This image above, is using a similar idea as the previous tree ring illustrations but I have tried to set it out in a more graphical way where it might be easier to understand the idea.

Looking at tree rings as a way of showing memories. How they resemble a human's life span of a memory. This image above is meant to represent the idea that recent memories are more vivid and you remember a larger context of the memory. Rather than a memory from a long time ago where you hardly remember anything about it.

From my scanning of diana prints my idea led on to taking photographs in a way that would produce effects portraying a memory fading away. Here in this photograph above, I used a long shutter speed and f22, to achieve a blurred, fading away content.

Using memories as a basis for my work and ideas. Decided to play with photography as a medium, since photographs hold all our memories. Exploring ways in which I can illustrate a memory fading, I used my old diana prints and the scanner to give interesting outcomes.

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