Saturday, January 8, 2011


I haven't updated this for awhile, but I had my Specialist Project hand-in yesterday so now I have a bit more time! My last post was about flowers, pixels and numbers. The brief was an ISTD competition brief called 'Not Just Fleurons'.
On November 26th I started my final piece and approximately 163 hours later on January 3rd 2011 I finished it.
This typographic piece is made up of approximately 130,572 numbers. The flower (a marigold) is made from 14,508 (approximately) pixels, in the form of RGB numbers.

Since climate change is a very topical theme in the current environment, this typographic piece portrays to the public the severity of climate change. Since each pixel of type represents a plant in the world that is under threat from extinction. Keeping the numbers as RGB with the relevance into that it is how humans essentially see relates to the idea of extinction. Since how we see the world and climate change is very important, and perhaps it is only when we are shocked with the facts and figures that we understand the truth and damage we are causing: It is in the detail that we realise the truth.

With the font at 10pt, the piece fits nicely onto A0. I think I would quite like to sell this piece. It would be a one off, and I would give half the money to a chosen charity (most probably Alzheimer's Society). If you think you would like to buy then please get in contact with me. Thanks

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